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About Matt


Who Am I

Born and raised in rural Missouri, Matt understands the value of family and of working hard to provide for his family.   Matt moved to St. Louis County and then to St. Charles to pursue a career in Information Systems and Project Management.  He later returned to school to become an attorney.

In 2015, he married his wife, Stephanie, a middle-school teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences.  She is passionate about teaching and helping students achieve.  

In 2021, their son, Sebastian, was born.  

Educated, Experienced Leader

Matt has always been a member of the community, ready to assist and help his fellow citizen.  He has worked on multiple grassroots efforts to raise awareness and champion support for local candidates, zoning issues, and other causes.  

Matt holds both a Bachelor and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems.  In 2019, he graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law with his Juris Doctris. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Matt worked as a Project Manager in Information Systems for over a decade.  He has managed strategic planning efforts for multiple organizations and helped to define standards and procedures for planning and project implementation. 

Over the course of his life, Matt has developed a strong  and diverse skillset, including leadership, communication, negotiation.  He wants to bring that skillset into service for his community.  When elected, he will use everything he has learned to represent the people of District 23 in Jefferson City.

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